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Interesting Apex articles to read

Just posting some links, as an online-reading list Throttled File Loading with Node.js & Oracle Database https://jsao.io/2015/03/throttled-file-loading-with-node-js-oracle-database/ Apex 5 APEX 5 EA Impressions: Custom jQuery / jQuery UI implementations http://www.apex-at-work.com/2015/03/apex-5-ea-impressions-custom-jquery.html APEX 5 EA Impressions: Page Designer (Part 1) http://www.apex-at-work.com/2015/03/apex-5-ea-impressions-pager-designer.html APEX

Using Apex Authorization schemes in PL/SQL

The problem with using APEX authorization schemes in PL/SQL has been addressed several times in blogs and forums, but we occasionally still get questions on how to solve this: I have a page where users with admin roles can modify
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