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Using Apex Authorization schemes in PL/SQL

The problem with using APEX authorization schemes in PL/SQL has been addressed several times in blogs and forums, but we occasionally still get questions on how to solve this: I have a page where users with admin roles can modify

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Autoformat ANY amount item, anywhere

If you’re building a “finance-ey” application you probably have plenty of fields that should show and accept monetary amounts – and quite possibly these items may be implemented in a variety of ways – ordinary apex number items, edit fields

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APEX 5 New Runtime API Lockdown Features

In APEX 4.x the developer could implement a feature that involves a call to the APEX API. E.g. you could create new pages on the fly if you would like to (just examine an export file for the how-to). You

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Oracle Apex Books

Books Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook by M. van Zoest and M. van der Plas, 2010 Over 80 recipes to develop and deploy fast, secure, and modern web applications with Oracle Application Express 4.0. [See sample chapter here] Oracle Application Express

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