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3e OGH Apex dag te Zeist

Gisteren het OGH Apex congres te Zeist  bij mogen wonen. Was een erg interessante dag met goede presentaties. Soms lastig om een keuze te maken tussen de drie sessies die gelijktijdig gehouden werden, maar al met al goede presentaties gezien.

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Interactive Reports, Handy Tips Part 1

Interactive reports are great and take no time to build however they all look the same regardless of the theme you are using: Problem 1; and when you have lazy users who prefer one mouse click than two (which makes

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APEX: Make a report row clickable in Report

When you create a "Report with Form", there will be an icon in the report which allows you to navigate to  the form page. Only when the user clicks the icon this navigation will take place. For the current project,

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