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Open APEX page read only

Apex Tutorial: Adding a Read Only Option   Last week Recently I published a tutorial walking through setting up a form and report on the same Apex page. This one done using out of the box functionality, without the use

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Upgrading to APEX 4.1 on Oracle

I have been upgrading a lot (and I mean a lot) of APEX environments to 4.1 and never had any issues until … well until I encontered the infamous error : “ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: associative array shape

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Adding help text to column headings

There is no out of the box solution for adding help text to column headings in a tabular form. One way is create custom table where you store your help text. Then modify/copy report template and add JavaScript that fetch

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Create a calendar with week numbers

When you use the built-in jQuery UI datepicker in your APEX page, you choose from a number of different format masks…but something with “week” is not one of them. And guess what I needed for recent project…But, the good news

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Image slider plugin

Tobias Arnhold has created a nice image slider plugin:Read his article and have a look at his coding here: and here And have a look at his demo’s here

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