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Execute Page process with Ajax callback

Sometimes you want to call a page-proces, but do need to make a compleet refresh of the page by making a request. In my case i made a simpel master-detail screen with Tabs (Thank you Richard). In the tabs there

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Apex 4 color classic report single column cells

Here is how color single column cells in classic report.I have use Tyler Muth’s Blog Conditional Column Formatting in APEX tip for this.

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Overige links

Hier nog enkele links die nog uitgewerkt dienen te worden:  

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APEX built-in variables

Variables can be referred to in three ways: Bind variable ( :APP_ID ) Used inside APEX in SQL and PL/SQL V and NV functions ( NV(‘APP_ID’) ) Used outside APEX ( in PL/SQL packages for example ) Substitution strings (

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Oracle APEX report refresh the easy way

  I’ve seen numerous solutions for partial page refreshes. All using javascript, timers etc. I just want a report to refresh itself after 5 seconds. I add this to the region-footer:   No extra javascript functions, no dificult parameters, works

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Oracle XE 11g Beta has been released

It sounds like an April 1st joke, the long awaited Oracle XE 11g Beta Version, but it is not. On OTN you can download either a Windows Installer or a Linux Installer.

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