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Show message based on environment

Om aan te geven op welke omgeving je aan het werk bent gebruik ik de volgende code.Maak een PL/SQL dynamic region en plaats deze code {code}BEGIN  HTP.p (   ‘Apex URL: ‘  || OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env (‘REQUEST_PROTOCOL’) || ‘   ://   ‘  || OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env

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Uitlijning van items

Om in APEX kolommen netjes uit te lijnen (zal ook vast met de template kunnen) kun je in de HTML FORM ELEMENT ATTRIBUTES een css regel opnemen, als volgt: style=”width:175px"</p> <p>Op deze manier wordt de breedtte van het label veld

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Save before Exit and Tabular Forms

The SkillBuilders Save Before Exit plug-in is designed to make it very easy for developers to help prevent end users from loosing changes to work they’ve done on a page. When a user leaves a page it runs some checks

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Basic Apex scripting – show/hide & labels

Sometimes the scripting requirements for an Oracle Apex page are fairly simple, yet determining the required modifications can be frustrating, particularly for a beginner in either Apex or HTML behaviours. Recently I had the requirement of showing or hiding both

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Navigate to specific tabpage

n een project waar ik momenteel aan werk, maken we gebruik van tabbladen in de layout van de Apex schermen. Dit artikel beschrijft hoe we vanuit pagina A naar naar een specifieke tab op pagina B kunnen navigeren springen. voor

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How to install Cocoon

This article describes how to install Cocoon. With Cocoon you will be able to use FOP as Apex Print Server (so you don’t have to use the BI Publisher tool from Oracle). You need Cocoon, Tomcat6 and FOP. Read more

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Adding Tooltips to Report

There are a number of ways to publish tooltips in your application, many of them much more verbose than they need to be. Some of them implement fairly fancy JavaScript and CSS, but there is a simple way to plug

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Create a favicon

Probably totally superfluous, but a “favicon” is the little picture that shows up in your browser tab or bookmark list – like the example above. The APEX Page Templates support this nice feature by these two lines in the Header

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